S10E10 Block Earner

Block Earner has a WORLDCHANGING idea – use decentralised finance – ‘DeFi’ – to offer better yields than bank deposits: banking without a bank. Co-founder Jordan Momtazi joins TWISTA to explain how it all works, how they make money, and how Block Earner navigates customer requirements for high yield amidst an ongoing ‘crypto winter’.

TWISTA S10E10 Block Earner

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Episode S06E05 – LAUNCH Sydney’s Standout Startups

June’s LAUNCH Sydney event brought to light two startups doing outstanding work.

ParentTV works to provide the most thoughtful answers to the questions that every parent faces at one point or another.

Sam Jockel ParentTV Mark Pesce
Sam Jockel sits for an interview at the CEA Collider Demo Day

CryptoFlip uses blockchain and smart contracts to take the ‘house’ out of gambling – and looks set to completely revolutionise the industry.

Chalk and cheese — yet both startups point to innovation and success in Australia’s expanding startup ecosystem – and it’s all here on TWISTA. 

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