S09E20 The Success Factor with Murray Hurps Part Two

TWISTA’s Series 9 review of what we’ve learned about success concludes with UTS Startups‘ Murray Hurps reflecting upon what we’ve learned about successful startup hires – and hacks. Plus, a big announcement about the future of this podcast.

TWISTA S09E20 The Success Factor with Murray Hurps Part Two

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Episode S07E03 Mick Liubinskas redux

Australian startup legend Mick Liubinskas likes to do things the hard way, so he moved to Silicon Valley to scale his skills as a startup entrepreneur – and shares what he’s learned.

TWISTA S07E03 Mick Liubinskas redux

Mick’s working on a new book: She’s Building a Robotcheck it out!

He’s also just launched an AI Video Marketing tool here.

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