S10E07 Nick Hazell v2Food

In 2019, food scientist Nick Hazell had a penny-drop moment when he realised the world needed far more meat than could be raised sustainably. That led him to found v2Food, creating a whole product line of plant-based meat substitutes. How does v2Food achieve scale (and change the world) in one of the most competitive of all product areas – fast-moving consumer goods?

TWISTA S10E07 Nick Hazell v2Food

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Episode S09E15 Harvest B’s Werner Fuggersberger, Kristi Riordan and Alfred Lo

Plant-based proteins could form as much as fifty-percent of our diets within the next thirty years, so there’s enormous opportunities for ‘foodtech’ startups to redesign global agricultural supply chains around the changing diet of a warming planet. Harvest B‘s founders have a vision – and a mission. Does that spell success?

TWISTA S09E15 Harvest B’s Werner Fuggersberger, Kristi Riordan and Alfred Lo

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