Episode S09E03 Oovuu’s Ricky Sutton

Ricky Sutton built Oovvuu into a successful media company by challenging the platform monopolies of Google and Facebook – offering an alternative, and beating them at their own game. He shares his secrets for success when going up against trillion-dollar companies!

TWISTA S09E03 Oovvuu’s Ricky Sutton

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Episode S08E03 Adaptation

Oovvuu CEO Ricky Sutton and Inspace CEO Justin Liang share insights learned as they adapted their high-growth startups to pandemic conditions.

TWISTA S08E03 Adaptation

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Episode S07E20 Australia’s Next Unicorns?

Visiting the TWISTA archives we learn the scaling secrets of Canva, Catapult Sports, Vinomofo, Envato, Oovvu and WithYouWithMe – one unicorn, and which one’s next?

TWISTA S07E20 Australia’s Next Unicorns?

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Episode S06E03 – Creative Tech Special

Creative tech has produced some of Australia’s most successful startups – businesses like Canva and Envato (both interviewed here on TWISTA). And now there’s a place for creative tech startups to be born, grow, and thrive – The Studio at Sydney’s Startup Hub. TWISTA talks to the doyenne of Australia’s creative tech scene, Chantal Abouchar, about the half-decade journey that brought The Studio into being – and what’s next for Australia’s creative tech community.

We follow that up with a mind-blowing interview with Oovvuu co-founders Ricky Sutton and Greg Moore. Their mission to ‘repatriate’ the $20 billion taken away from media organisations by Google and Facebook is both audacious and has been very well executed. In five years of talking to Australian startups, Oovvuu may be my favourite.

Creative tech is going big, on this episode of TWISTA.   

A bit extra for our web visitors — here is Chantal Abouchar’s AFTRS masters thesis that led to the formation of The Studio:  Inventing the Future. Chantal Abouchar MSAB thesis. ver Feb 2015