Episode S08E02 News Special

How has the pandemic affected Australia’s startups? ‘Rescue’ Mike Nicholls and Cheryl Mack join us to review how the pandemic has affected Australia’s startups – and what may come next.

TWISTA S08E02 News Special

Cheryl Mack is keeping a list of ‘Australian Programs, Resources and Support for Startups’ here.

Cheryl also wrote a great post about ‘the new normal’ — surviving the pandemic as a startup here.

Mike Nicholls’ portfolio companies at Main Sequence Ventures are always looking for talent – if you need a job, look here.

Finally, Mike pointed to the amazing work of Hawksbury Helping Hands.

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Episode S06E17 Fintech Focus with Data Republic and Frankie Financial

Data Republic founders Danny Gilligan and Paul McCarney discuss data ecosystems, then ‘metabanking’ with Frankie Financial‘s Simon Costello.

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