S10E02 News Special with Cheryl Mack and Mike Nicholls

Has a cash splash in the pre-election Federal Budget changed the landscape for startups? Is the global talent shortage creating runway problems? Are female founders finally getting their due? These are just some of the issues angel investor extraorinaire Cheryl Mack and VC ‘Rescue’ Mike Nicholls cover in TWISTA’s first news special of Series 10.

TWISTA S10E02 News Special with Cheryl Mack and Mike Nicholls

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Episode S09E12 News Special

How are startups adapting to the in-and-out-and-in-again of pandemic lockdowns? Is Go1, Australia’s newest unicorn, on a growth path to be the next Canva? Microsoft for Startups’ Annie Parker and Main Sequence Ventures’ Phil Morle offer their insights – and their secrets for startup success.

TWISTA S09E12 News Special

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Episode S07E16 WithYouWithMe

WithYouWithMe‘s ANZ CEO Tom Larter, on how they cracked the DNA of the continuously upskilling organisation – by helping veterans get jobs.

TWISTA S07E16 WithYouWithMe

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