S10E19 Pioneera

Pioneera‘s Danielle Owen Whitford and Tahnee Claeys wanted to find a way to alleviate workplace stress and burnout. Their solution, ‘Indi’, helps employees recognise stressful moments and situations – and offers guidance to them. TWISTA asks whether can managers integrate Pioneera to make workplaces more positive – and more productive? That’s why Pioneera is TWISTA’s tenth and final WORLDCHANGING startup of Series 10.

TWISTA S10E19 Pioneera

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Episode S09E09 Fingerprint for Success’ Michelle Duval

Michelle Duval created Fingerprint for Success as a SaaS offering, leveraging what she’d learned as a career coach. Michelle shares her detailed studies of successful startup entrepreneurs – and tells us what we need to improve within ourselves to maximize our chances for success.

TWISTA S09E09 Fingerprint for Success’ Michelle Duval

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Episode S06E16 – A Sobering Startup Muster

The fifth annual Startup Muster survey of the Australian startup ecosystem contains a wealth of sobering statistics about where we’re going backward. Monica Wulff and Murray Hurps go through the good, the bad, and the data.

To read the report for yourself, go here.

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S05E07 – Anne-Marie Birkill & Maxwell MRI

TWISTA visited Brisbane’s River City Labs two years ago – and my goodness, how much has changed. The new government has put nearly half a billion dollars into funding various startup activities – including a lavish new ‘Precinct’ for the startup community.

TWISTA talks to two residents of The Precinct, Anne-Marie Birkill, Managing Partner of OneVentures, then we catch up with one of the most mind-blowing startups we’ve ever had on this show, Maxwell MRI (now Maxwell Plus) co-founders Elliot Smith and Matt Brown. It’s all happening in Queensland, on this episode of TWISTA.