Episode S09E09 Fingerprint for Success’ Michelle Duval

Michelle Duval created Fingerprint for Success as a SaaS offering, leveraging what she’d learned as a career coach. Michelle shares her detailed studies of successful startup entrepreneurs – and tells us what we need to improve within ourselves to maximize our chances for success.

TWISTA S09E09 Fingerprint for Success’ Michelle Duval

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Episode S07E18 Wrappt

Can you automate video production? Ryan Miller, co-founder of Brisbane startup Wrappt, is building a SaaS tool to made it easy – at scale.

TWISTA S07E18 Wrappt

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S05E05 – Space Special with Tim Parsons & Jason Held

Over the last 3 years, the Space Race has roared back into life. Not just the ‘big space’ of SpaceX and BlueOrigin, but lots of startups – some of them Australians – taking us back to the stars.

TWISTA explores this new era of rocket science with Delta-V Founding CEO Tim Parsons, then explore the Space-Command-as-SaaS market with Sabre Astronautics CEO Jason Held. This special is out of this world!