Episode S09E11 Success in Lockdown

From inside a pandemic lockdown of uncertain duration, how do Sydney’s startups operate – and thrive? We ask Tractor Ventures‘ Matt Allen for insights from Melbourne’s 111-day lockdown, then check in with Inspace CEO Justin Liang – who pivoted his startup during the first lockdown. Timely tips for all of Australia’s startup community.

TWISTA S09E11 Success in Lockdown

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Episode S07E04 VR Special

On our first VR special, the tech seemed poised to become the Next Big Thing. What happens to startups – like InspaceXR and EqualReality – when an enabling technology fails to reach scale?

TWISTA S07E04 VR Special
InspaceXR has a potential market of hundreds of billions of dollars.

InspaceXR provides a plug-in one-click pathway between architectural programs like AutoCAD and immersive visualisation using virtual reality…

EqualReality creates environments that help expose and educate people the unconscious biases and behaviours within the workplace…

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