S10E17 News Special and SPARK Festival

Has 2022 gone to plan? We ask Galileo Ventures co-founder James Alexander and Tech Central Executive Director Annie Parker for their reflections and insights. Then SPARK Festival director Maxine Sherrin shares the high points of an incredible program for anyone interested in startups.

TWISTA S10E17 News Special and SPARK Festival

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Episode S09E18 Ian Gardiner and Spark Festival

Ian Gardiner, one of the founders of Australia’s startup ecosystem, tells TWISTA how he identifies the hallmarks of success in startup founders – and in himself. Maxine Sherrin, director of Spark Festival, visits TWISTA with event hosts Adriana Belotti and Biliana Rajevic to spruik this year’s Australia-wide celebration of all things startup.

TWISTA S09E18 Ian Gardiner and Spark Festival

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Episode S07E17 News Special

We’re joined by Jelix VenturesAndrea Gardiner and Spark Festival’s Maxine Sherrin, discussing ESVCLP fails, global talent visas, what happens when the government declares your product a strategic asset, SPARK Festival – and Atlassian’s $50,000,000,000 valuation!

TWISTA S07E17 News Special

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Episode S06E11 – News Special

TWISTA sits down with Main Sequence GP Mike Nicholls and Spark Festival Director Maxine Sherrin to discuss the profusion of hubs and funds; Canva, Australia’s latest unicorn startup; and the crash and burn of Zoox’ CEO.

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Mike Nicholls and Maxine Sherrin joined us at The Studio for our TWISTA news special